Scuba Diving in Aruba

Scuba Diving in Aruba is an amazing experience! Aruba is known as a great diving place to view shipwrecks. Divers can explore ships that sank into the ocean in WWII and downed airplanes. There is a lot of variety for divers of all kinds of experience and interests. There is also the reef, full of living coral and all kinds of fish for you to see.

So what kinds of things can you find diving?

Jane Sea – This 250-foot freighter sits upright on the bottom in 90 feet of water. The Jane Sea attracts lots of tropical fish and barracudas, the photography opportunity is wonderful.

Pedernales– This is a shallow wreck, a section of an oil tanker torpedoed by Germans in World War II. This make this a good dive for beginners.

Malmok Reef and Debbie II – This reef goes down to 90 feet and has a variety of colored giant barrel sponges, stingrays, brain corals, and lobsters. A sunken barge –Debbie II – lies nearby.

Antilla – This German ship is 400-foot long and the largest shipwreck in the Caribbean. Scuttled by its German captain at the outbreak of World War II, this is a popular dive site. The depth tops out at 60 feet and part of the ship breaks the surface. My friend at plumbing repair Smyrna GA is fascinated with this one for sure.

Mangel Halto Reef – This reef slopes from a shallow 15 feet depth to about 110 feet. There are a lot of marine life from octopus, green moray eels, and sea fans at deeper depths, to blue tangs, and stingrays as you go shallower.

Mike’s Reef – This reef has an amazing range of colors with sponges in purples and oranges, sea fans and lots of different corals.

So why go scuba diving in Aruba?

The clearest water with average visibility ranging from 50-100 ft. The water temperatures are warm, around 79°F  to 85°F. The area has excellent weather. This is a great place to scuba dive!